R&D of Automatic Assembly Machine


Due to different structure, products’ processing and assembling have been done via two major methods: machine automation and human manual. In order to improve the efficiency, our production technology engineers not only developed a lot of the assistant toolings, but also designed and created a lot of automatic machines for processing, assembling and testing. In addition, we strengthened the quality sense of all staffs and each staff response for quality.  Moreover, we equipped with on-line inspection facilities and set up the flow line production. So that our quality have been under well controlled.


Recent years, the lobar cost has keep increasing constantly, in order to keep competitive, SCED working on developing more and more automatic machines. According to the products’ structure and customers’ demand, we developed the screw testing automatic machine, metal part assembling automatic machine, metal and housing part automatic assemble machine, products automatic assemble machine. After the automatic machine put into use, the production efficiency has been improved a lot, reduced the labor cost and enhance the products’ quality.