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About Cisco Side


Shenzhen Scoside Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of connectors in the field of new energy electric vehicles. The company responds to the national call for energy conservation, emission reduction, and green consumption reduction. Based on more than ten years of application experience in the power electronics industry, supplemented by high-end connector R&D talents, combined with its strong manufacturing capabilities, the company has launched multiple series of connector products. Provide system connection solutions for the new energy electric vehicle industry.

Relying on two manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Suzhou and a complete supply chain system, the company can provide customers with the strongest delivery support, the most perfect application experience and the most cost-effective products. The company already has TS16849, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification systems, and complete quality control procedures. The company's products have obtained UL, CCC, TUV and VDE certifications, which fully meet the EU ROHS and REACH requirements, and can ensure that customers' products can pass through the European and American markets without barriers.

Our Advantage


制造能力强大 Strong manufacturing capacity
制造能力强大 Perfect quality control
制造能力强大 Multiple international certifications
制造能力强大 Excellent solution

Relying on high-end R&D talents and rich industry experience, the company can provide customers with the best product solutions. The company is also very willing to customize various connector products according to customer requirements. Provide customers with more energy-saving, more efficient, and more space-saving connection solutions, provide strong intellectual property protection for customers' products, and win the market together with customers.

The development of China's economy is inseparable from the support of new energy. The next 10 years will inevitably be the 10 years of the rise of new energy. Cisco Syd is willing to work together with all walks of life, adhering to the concept of "people and virtues, and sincerity to connect the world" to help new energy The industry is rising, and we will develop and innovate with customers from all walks of life to welcome a bright future.

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